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Assert National

ASSERT NATIONAL is a multi-disciplinary professional Society founded in 1977 to provide opportunities for people working in the field of sexology.

The ASSERT National committee is composed of 2 elected members from each of the  incorporated affiliated state branches. Currently these include NSW, Vic, SA and Qld.

 All ASSERT National members are members of their state branches or a branch of their choice.

 ASSERT National is a member of WAS (World Association for Sexual Health) and the AOF (Asia Oceania Federation).


ASSERT is an organization dedicated to educating and supporting professionals working in the field of sexuality/sexual health.

The society is active in the continuing professional education of its members and is a forum for the exchange of ideas and research, and peer networking and support.

ASSERT has specific defined objectives:

1          To advance the scientific study and professional practice of sex education, counseling, research and therapy.

2          To encourage and promote – through its members and the wider community – the development of related areas of professional knowledge and the practice of sexology.

3          To maintain and encourage high standards of professional ethics, competence,   conduct, education, qualification and achievement among professionals in the field.

4          To achieve the wider dissemination of knowledge and thought about sexology and related issues.

Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney

Opening Up a Business in Sydney With Advice From a Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney

The city of Sydney is part of a large and thriving metropolis. This community offers many pleasures. The beautiful harbor area has attracted people here for a long time. Many people find this area an ideal place to attend university, start a family and find employment. They also find it a great place to start a business. With an impressive infrastructure and easy access to many markets both in Australia and other parts of the country, it’s easier than ever to succeed. A digital marketing agency in Sydney can help show any business owner how to open up a business here. The digital marketing agency in Sydney can also show them all kinds of important business details such as where to open, what industries are expanding and what sort of marketing efforts will work best.
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Deciding where to open can be helpful from a digital marketing agency in Sydney. Staffers at a digital marketing agency in Sydney may know that a specific location in Sydney has been a hotbed of expansion. The Digital Marketing Sydney from GMG Digital may point out that one area has lots of new business and will thus have many new clients. They can also suggest other areas in the region that may also be an ideal place for expansion as well because there are many upcoming projects in that part of Sydney. The digital marketing agency in Sydney can also help companies realize what they can get for the budget they have in mind. One area may be much more expensive but may be worth it because that area has many amenities such as a reliable tech network that is so vitally important in today’s market. 

Many other factors will go into creating a successful business in the region. For example, each company owner may also need to think about the kind of employees they want to hire. A digital marketing agency in Sydney can help the company locate the kind of employees they need. They can also help them sort through the applicants that have already applied to work for the company. The marketing company may also suggest where it makes sense to hire specific people for a given position in the company such as those who can help expand the company’s needs even more effectively in the long term. An ideal marketing company, in short, can help any company owner sort through the very many important issues related to their new Sydney business.

Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

Modern Technological Innovations From A Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

The world changes quickly. What works yesterday may not work tomorrow. Each company manager must understand how to harness the modern world and do so correctly. A digital marketing agency in Melbourne can show any company exactly what they need to do remain part of the modern technological world. A digital marketing agency in Melbourne can also show each company owner how to use modern technology to their advantage. Modern technology is a process that is all about seeing trends as they unfold. A GMG Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne can help any company understand how to not only use modern technology but also how to embrace it thoughtfully and fully in all aspects of their business plan. Any business plan must be about knowing how to spot industry trends and how to use such trends to their advantage.
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The right digital marketing agency in Melbourne can show each clients how to see potential industry trends. Many company officials realize the need to watch their industry very closely in order to help all staffers in the company respond to such issues even before they being. For example, a digital marketing agency in Melbourne can show each staffer what publications they need to read each day. They can also show each staffer how to analyze industry trends from quarter to quarter. Savvy staffers who know what they are doing are the company’s best assets. Such staffers can work with a digital marketing agency in Melbourne and learn how to better understand their own industry well. In doing so, they can offer the kind of help that many companies really need in order to flourish in the modern world.

When staffers work closely with a digital marketing agency in Melbourne, they have the chance to further get insights into their own career with the company. They can learn how to use their own personal skills to make sure they are always on top of modern technological innovations that are so much a part of the contemporary business world. This ability to understand how the business world evolves from day to day is one that they can use successfully in order to help them better the company’s overall plans. A highly skilled group of employees can be the best asset for any company owner. When a business owner does all they can to encourage such learning and partnerships, they are likely to see their business continue to enjoy many years of success.

Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney

What Can the Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney do for Your Business?

Technology has changed the way a business needs to attract online customers each year. If you’re not working with a skilled digital marketing agency in Sydney, then your business is simply falling behind the competition. These are a few of the things that you can expect after you consult and hire the best digital marketing agency in Sydney.

Finding Your Direction
Although your company may have a set of goals for the year, are they pulling the company towards the right direction? The right digital marketing agency in Sydney will help you to fine tune those goals so they pull your company to the top of your industry. Perhaps you have the right goals for your business, they’re just not ideal for your niche. Once the direction of the company is clearly defined, those goals need to be monitored closely to see if the company is getting closer so small changes can be made along the way for steady growth.

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Understanding Your Customers
The digital marketing agency in Sydney like http://gmgdigital.com.au/ will help your company to better understand the needs of your customers by taking a closer look at the analytics. Knowing what pages are most effective, what keywords are being used to find your website, and what is stopping visitors from buying, are all metrics the digital marketing agency in Sydney will use to help make small changes that will have the biggest impact in your company growth. By paying closer attention to the needs of the visitors, this will attract more unique traffic and help reduce bounce rates while increasing conversions.

Utilizing Social Media
Most online businesses understand that social media is here to stay, they just are not implementing this powerful resource into their daily operations. Posting advertisements every hour is not being social, your digital marketing agency in Sydney will show you how to develop a strategy for attracting and engaging those millions of potential customers. More than just posting messages on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, the agency will show you how to make those messages attract visitors, engage those visitor, and get them to proceed to your website. Winning this battle is all about being social, so the digital marketing agency in Sydney will create a strategy that helps you attract more of the buyers in your market.

As you can see, working with the top rated digital marketing agency in Sydney will help your business to grow while each month the company is systematically climbing the organic search results.

Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne

6 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

Australia is home to an estimated 2.1 million small businesses, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Unfortunately, many of these small businesses neglect digital marketing, believing it’s a waste of time and money that yields nothing in return. If you’re a small business owner, however, you should consider hiring a digital marketing agency in Melbourne for the following reasons.

#1) Web Design Aligned with Your Vision

Let’s face it, most small business owners lack the skills, experience and tools needed to design an effective website. As a result, they use outdated, poorly designed websites that leaves a bad impression on prospects and visitors. By hiring a digital marketing agency in Melbourne, however, you’ll have a team of highly trained web professionals who are ready to turn your vision of the perfect business website into a reality.

#2) Increased Brand Recognition

Some business owners assume that digital marketing is all about sales and conversions. While sales and conversions are important, brand recognition is equally important. A Sydney digital marketing agency can help your business achieve greater brand recognition. They’ll incorporate your business’s logo, tagline, colors and other brand elements on marketing material. So, in addition to generating more sales or conversions, you’ll also achieve greater brand recognition.

#3) Work with Your Budget
Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne GMG Digital will work with your budget to help you achieve your goals. Regardless of how much money you are looking to spend, they’ll create a custom-tailored marketing plan designed specifically for your budget.

#4) Leverage Untapped Marketing Channels

Of course, the right digital marketing agency can also leverage untapped marketing channels. Paying for ads on a congested platform with too much competition typically results in a low or negative return on investment (ROI). Digital marketing agencies, however, know firsthand which platforms are overcrowded and which ones aren’t.

#5) Access to a Team of Professionals

By hiring a Sydney digital marketing agency, you’ll have access to a team of professional marketers and web design experts. If you have a question or need further guidance, you can contact them for an answer.

#6) You Can Focus on Your Business

It’s difficult to grow your business when you’re forced to micromanage countless digital marketing tasks. Hiring a Sydney digital marketing agency, however, takes this burden off your shoulders. They’ll handle your business’s digital marketing needs while you focus on improving and expanding your business.

As you can see, professional digital marketing is essential for the success of your small business.

Sydney Digital Marketing Agency

digital marketing agency in Sydney

In a world where many companies are spending millions of dollars each year to bring in new clients from digital marketing campaigns, the need to distinguish the best agencies from the lousy ones can never be stressed enough. Digital marketing is now a cost-effective and reliable method for lead-generation, branding, and growing out a vast customer base. The leading Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney uses time-tested internet marketing tactics with additional media strategies to increase ROI and conversions for their clients.

How Can A Digital Marketing Agency In Sydney Help My Business?

All digital marketing agencies in Sydney use a combination of offline marketing, internet marketing, and mobile marketing to increase their client’s business profile. It makes a lot of sense for company owners to focus solely on their core business. After all, this is the part of the business they do best. The same concept applies to digital marketing. That is justDigital Marketing Agency Sydney GMG Digital does. Focuses on the project at hand!

There is no reason to spend time learning about how to do digital marketing when there are experts who already know what needs to get done when developing a digital marketing strategy. With teams of specialized employees to handle all of your advertising needs, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve covered all of the essential bases.

Digital Marketing Is Effective

Digital marketing agencies are engaged in one primary business model. That’s creating successful marketing campaigns to energize existing customers and attract new ones to the companies they represent. When evaluating which Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney is right for you, you’ll want to be confident that the company you’re considering has a solid business reputation and track record with other clients. If the agency is experienced serving in your industry or niche, this is a bonus!

Your Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney Delivers!

If your website isn’t getting results you expected, you are leaving money on the table by not marketing more competitively. With an Internet full of consumers that can potentially buy your products or use your services, you are harming your potential by not getting your brand out in front of all the right people. A digital marketing agency in Sydney helps connect you with your target market faster and more efficiently, saving you time and frustration you would have if you did everything yourself. Discover the difference when you with digital marketing professionals!