Assert National

ASSERT NATIONAL is a multi-disciplinary professional Society founded in 1977 to provide opportunities for people working in the field of sexology.

The ASSERT National committee is composed of 2 elected members from each of the  incorporated affiliated state branches. Currently these include NSW, Vic, SA and Qld.

 All ASSERT National members are members of their state branches or a branch of their choice.

 ASSERT National is a member of WAS (World Association for Sexual Health) and the AOF (Asia Oceania Federation).


ASSERT is an organization dedicated to educating and supporting professionals working in the field of sexuality/sexual health.

The society is active in the continuing professional education of its members and is a forum for the exchange of ideas and research, and peer networking and support.

ASSERT has specific defined objectives:

1          To advance the scientific study and professional practice of sex education, counseling, research and therapy.

2          To encourage and promote – through its members and the wider community – the development of related areas of professional knowledge and the practice of sexology.

3          To maintain and encourage high standards of professional ethics, competence,   conduct, education, qualification and achievement among professionals in the field.

4          To achieve the wider dissemination of knowledge and thought about sexology and related issues.

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